5 Deadly Sex Positions That Make Him Do All The Work

Maximum pleasure and minimal effort; these positions are perfect for lazy, weekend loving.

1. Side by side


Lie down side by side facing each other and let him ease himself inside you slowly. The best part about this sex position is that you can hug and kiss your partner and feel close to him. Bend your knees to increase the penetration and drive him cray-cray.

2. Updated spooning


Get into your favourite cuddle position and make it sexy. Start off slow and relaxed, and enjoy a closer fit by propping your leg onto his. Be attuned to the feeling of his warm breath on your neck to add to the intimacy.

3. Lazy Doggy


Just because you’re feeling lazy, doesn’t mean you have to ditch doggy style. For a variation of this favourite, lay down flat with a pillow propping up your pelvis – this allows easier access to your G-spot, FYI. Your man will love it too as he will still have full control.

4. Couch Cowgirl


Feeling drowsy after a movie night on the couch? Stay on the sofa and enjoy this nice quickie. Have him relax and sit back while you straddle his lap. He’ll love the view and the slow and close motion will make it a night to remember. Promise!

5. Elevated Missionary


A cleverly placed pillow under your butt allows your guy to do all the hard work. Plus, this position gives a better angle for both of you, with more grinding than regular missionary.

By Jennifer Conway.


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