5 Easy Bedroom Updates To Take Your Space From Sad To Super

Got a bedroom that's a bit of a bore? Never mind: cheer it up with one (or all) of these pretty pieces.

Is your sleeping space making you say, “bah?” We know what that’s like, so we sorted your boring boudoir for you in the November issue with some stylin’ pieces that will transform even the most deathly dull rented room. And lookit! We’ve got even more here. Let’s take a gander, shall we?

candelabra from debenhams

Imagine creating a romantic ambience with a few tea lights burning softly in this Butterfly candelabra, €39, by Matthew Williamson at Debenhams? C’mon: room – transformed.

chevron boxes from littlewoods

Clear up any space in a jiffy with these storage boxes, €27 for two, at LittlewoodsIreland.com. No matter how cluttered your space, it’ll look tidier when everything’s got a lid on it.

me & You sign from Next

Want to make a bit of a romantic gesture about what really goes in inside the confines of your boudoir’s four walls? This Me & You sign, €20, at Next, is what you want, girlfriend.

Today poster from Penneys

Popping this opposite your bed will bring a bright start to every morning, no matter how dull the paint shade on the wall. Print, €4, Penneys.

wall stickers

We love these! They’re wall stickers, €27, from www.kokokids.com, and you can arrange them any way you want – what could be cheerier and more happy-making than that?