5 Proven Ways To Stay Happy In Your Relationship

So you wanna keep things fresh with yer fella. From getting in regular cuddles to trying new things together, science says doing these five things will keep you happy as a couple.

young couple holding hands

Have regular date nights

We know, we know; it’s all too cosy on the couch but science says scheduling in a date night once a week and having an excuse to dress up and go out together can re-create the attraction and passion you felt when you first started dating. It doesn’t have to be fancy either; even a trip to the cinema can re-boot the romance.

Cuddle on the reg

Nights in are okay too though, because snuggling on the couch is said to release a great big hit of the happy hormone oxytocin which has been known to promote bonding and trust. Now, there’s an excuse to grab the Breaking Bad box set and curl up in front of the telly.

Have sex once a week

It’s the optimum amount of time, don’cha know. In fact, doing the deed once a week is said to generate as much bliss as scoring an extra €50,000 according to researchers from Dartmouth College and the University of Warwick. “Couples who like each other end up in bed more often,” says study author Andrew J. Oswald. “And it’s the liking-each-other part that increases joy.”

Try new things together

Nobody’s sayin’ you have to take up transcendental meditation or jump out of a plane together, but trying new activities as a couple (however small) can help you both to feel more fulfilled and invested in the relationship. We say, book that trip that you’ve been planning and get away together. It’ll work wonders for your relationship.

Start with your own happiness

This one’s pretty damn important. After all, if you can’t be happy with yourself, how can you be happy with someone else? Studies show that peeps who exercise self-care and are deadly at dealing with their own problems without relying on others tend to have the happiest relationships. The lesson? Look after number one and your relationship will look after itself.