5 Signs You’ve Found A Keeper

Reckon your other half is worth holding on to? Well listen up lady-pal, cos these five signs mean your beau is probably for keeps.

couple on a date

You never tire of each other

You could spend ten hours a day together and you’d still find him funny. Your other half rarely grates on you and you never seem to run out of things to talk about. Even after all this time you still adore their company and you don’t think it’ll ever be any other way.

You stick by each other through thick and thin

Your guy or gal doesn’t run for the hills when the sh*t hits the fan. In fact, they stick around, doing their bit to make it all better. You’ve probably weathered a few storms together by now, but far from breaking you, those struggles have made you stronger as a couple.

You make your differences work

No relationship is perfect and you know that. Sure the pair of you clash from time to time, but you both want to be together, so making compromises never seems like a big sacrifice. There’s no problem that you can’t work around.

You inspire each other to be better people

You both have your flaws, but you work through them, and encourage each other to grow. Your other half sees your true potential and believes you can achieve anything, even when you’re not so sure.

You’ve still got butterflies

You might have been together for a while now but that excited, jittery feeling has never gone away. And most importantly, you don’t think it ever will.