5 Signs You’ve Found ‘The One’

It's all back rubs and butterflies. Here's how to know you've found the one you're destined to spend your life with.

couple hugging

1. You’re more ‘you’ when you’re with him

Being with your better half makes you feel so chill. You can totally be yourself – maybe even a little too much. He knows you snort when you laugh, and get just a little bit too talkative after a glass or two of wine, but he still accepts you for who you are, and you’re pretty darn happy about that.

2. You don’t fight often

Sure you have your squabbles, and you want to lob him around the head when he falls asleep during Made In Chelsea, but you rarely stay mad at each other for long. When you do fight, you make up at the speed of light, cos one of you begrudgingly makes the other one laugh.

3. He knows how to handle you, bad moods ‘n’ all

He’s seen you in a major strop, and he hasn’t run for the hills. He knows when you need a cuddle, or when he should just steer clear, and most of all you know you can always rely on him to cheer you up at the end of bad day.

4. You share the same aspirations

He wants what you want, and vice versa. You have at least an inkling how you want your future to pan out together, and it doesn’t scare either of you one bit.

5. He makes you feel better about yourself

Studies show that the happiest couples makes their partners feel like a better person. Recent research shows a good relationship allows us to “realise positive aspects of ourselves.” So if yer fella gives you a major self esteem boost, he could just be the guy you’re destined to be with.