5 Things Employers Really Don’t Want To See On Your CV

Top bosses have spoken and if you include any of these on your CV, you pretty much rule yourself out of the running.

Woman writing a CV

When it comes to job hunting, your CV is the calling card that shows a potential employer just how deadly you’d be at that amaze-o job. But getting it right isn’t always easy.

Nope, do a rushed job and there are a whole host of mistakes that can creep on to that all-important sheet of paper.

Luckily, a recruitment study by This Is Money has interviewed 480 recruiters on their biggest CV hates, shedding some light on the boo-boos you really want to avoid.

First on the list of major mistakes? Spelling errors. You’ll want to read over your CV several times to make sure every word is correct.

Second on an employer’s list of pet peeves is using incorrect grammar. Again, be sure to give that docu a read over before you hit send.

Third, a slightly more tricky one to master, is the actual layout of your CV. Ask yourself how you’ve laid out your qualifications, work history and experience.

Next up? The length. A major bug bear for employers are CVs that exceed two pages, while the fifth and final peeve is writing out your skills and qualifications in the third person.

So now you know what to avoid, how do you go about getting it right? We spoke to careers consultant Paula Coogan who told us the things you should include here.  Give it a read to ensure your CV is on point.

Oh, and good luck!