5 Ways To Debloat Fast

Feeling puffy? These quick tricks will help you feel a little lighter by tomorrow.

Bloated Tummy

It’s been a pretty rough weekend diet-wise. You scoffed a takeaway, had a few vinos too many, and overindulged at lunch on Sunday, and now you’re feeling more than a smidge on the bloated side. Ugh.

Panic not ladypal, there are few ways to undo the damage and flush out that dreaded puffiness.

Skip dairy

It’s estimated that approximately 65% of the population are lactose intolerant, so if you feel bloated and crampy after scoffing your morning bowl of oats, it might be best to cut dairy for the day. Where possible opt for dairy or lactose-free options. Taking a lactase tablet like Lactaid can also help.

Snack right

Reckon you’ll need to eat less to beat the bloat? Wrong. Regular snacks can keep your metabolism boosted, and in turn flush out that extra tummy swelling. The best choices are eats that are fibre-rich and low in sodium; think pears, berries, and flaxseed.


Getting in a few yoga poses has a double whammy effect on your bod: it helps to both aid digestion and flush out nasty toxins. Incorporate a mix of spinal twists, knee hugs and bridge poses for the best bloat-busting benefits.

Eat slowly

It’s not just the foods you eat that can cause bloating, it’s the way you eat them. Scoffing down your lunch at lightning speed means the enzymes contained in your salvia don’t have enough time to properly break down your food, making it hella hard to digest. That in turn can cause inflammation in the intestine and lead to swelling. Remember, it’s not a race; savour your food.

Get your eight glasses

Water has several benefits if you’re feeling puffy. A glass first thing in morning gives your metabolism a boost, while sipping throughout the day flushes out water retention, and aids digestion. We love the Waterlogged app for tracking our H2O consumption. Don’t forget you can get your daily fluid intake from tea and coffee, too and even water-rich foods like lettuce, peppers and spinach help count towards your RDA.