5 Ways To Prep For The New College Year

Start as you mean to go on and arm yourself with stationary, planners, and the perfect outfit to tackle the coming college year.

5 Ways to Prep for the New College Year 6

It’s that time of year again. Time to get yourself out of summer mode and back to reality (sigh). Whether you’re starting first year, final year, or a post-grad, you need to supply yourself with the neccesseties to get you through the next two semesters. As the saying goes, fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Just stick to this list and we promise you won’t!

1. Stock up on stationary


First things first, you can’t arrive to your lecture without paper and a pen. Start as you mean to go on, and ensure you’re well stocked up on the following: notebooks, button folders, red and blue pens, highlighters, pencils and Tipp-Ex. If writing notes isn’t your thing then be sure to have your laptop or iPad with you in class to keep up to date.

2. Get yourself a planner

5 Ways to Prep for the New College Year 2

Whether it’s a diary or an app you use, we recommend that you get some kind of planner to jot down important dates and deadlines. Seeing your days laid out in front of you allows you to pencil in time for studying and slot in some socialising, too. It’s also an easy way of getting to know your new timetable. Having somewhere to write down assignment deadlines also ensures that you don’t miss them, which is, er, kinda important.

3. Organise your outfit essentials

The last thing you need to worry about when you’re rushing to a 9am lecture is what you’re going to wear. Saying that, you want to look nice, especially in the first few weeks, so again you gotta be organised, girl. Plan a few outfits and buy the essentials. You’ll need: a white t-shirt, runners, boots, a staple knit, a handbag for all your books, and a warm coat. These can then all be mixed ‘n’ matched to make loads of outfits. Still stuck? We’ve got all your college-related fashion woes covered here. 

4. Meal prep

5 Ways to Prep for the College Year 4

With all the hard work and study, you want to be adequately fueled and eat as healthy as possible as you start the college year. You’re going to be tired, what with all the note taking and assignment planning (ahem, parties and drinking games), so it’s important to remain as good as you can while still sticking to your budget. Check out our healthy meals on a budget for tips and ideas, if you’re stuck. If you plan your meals in advance, it’s hard to go wrong.

5. Have a stress relief plan

5 Ways to Prep for the New College Year 5

For when things get a little overwhelming – which they will at some point in the semester – it’s good to have something to do to take your mind off things. Maybe it’s going to the cinema, having a girls night, or simply having something to look forward to in times of stress; no matter how small. It also keeps you focused; knowing that you’re doing something nice in the not-so-distant future is an incentive to get your work done.