6 Reasons It’s Great To Be Single This Festive Season

Are you single and feeling, well, a bit crap about the imminent arrival of Christmas aka the season to be loved up? We've got good news – being single this festive season might just be pretty darn awesome.

The Christmas season is officially upon us – whether you like it or not. But if you’re flying solo this Christmas, seeing loved-up couples walking hand in hand under the Christmas lights before sharing a pumpkin spiced latte while staring adoringly into each other’s eyes… Well, it can make you feel a bit lonely.

But take heart – being single during the festivities can actually be pretty awesome. We’ve come up with the six best reasons to be delirah you’re single this Christmas.

1. Money, money, money

Christmas is easily one of the most expensive times of the year – from nights out to buying presents for everyone you’ve ever had a coffee with, you end up shelling out a lorrah dollah. Being single means you have one less present to buy – and you could always use those savings to treat yourself to a fab Christmas pressie. Self-gifting is totally the new black, after all. Our money’s on a dressy winter coat to make those lonely nights feel a little less chilly.

2. Netflix ‘n’ chill

Netflix ‘n’ chill is code for sexy time in all boys’ minds – but, y’know, what if you actually want to watch some Netflix and chill? Well, if you’re single, you can veg out on the couch, innuendo-free, in your Minions PJs watching cheesy rom-coms, entirely guilt-free. That’s the kind of Netflix ‘n’ chill we could totally get on board with.

3. No festive fights

Christmas can be a particularly stressful time for all involved – and most of the time, arguments with your other half feel inevitable. Which is where being partner-less comes in so very handy – nobody can ruin your Christmas cheer by questioning your gift-wrapping prowess or spilling mulled wine on the sofa. Plus? You’re free to spend every cent in your account, without having to answer to anyone – except, er, the bank.

4. No awkward family moments

Christmas family time is both be a blessing and a curse. Family feuds are at an all-time high in December – but at least when you’re single, you’re only caught in the crossfire of your own family dramz. You’re free to shout back, without offending your honey’s aged aunt – and it won’t ever be awkward at breakfast the next day. Win-win.

5. You get to keep your extra insulation

Let’s face it; no one likes hair removal. Whether we admit it or not, we’d all rather let ourselves go, no matter how gross we find the idea of being hirsute. For most of us, being in a relationship means you kinda have to keep an eye on the whole body hair sitch – even during winter months, when we could all do with a little extra insulation. If you’re a single pringle, though, you can totally go the winter months without shaving. Just think of it like wearing an extra layer – and who can say no to that?

6. Christmas fling

When you go home for Christmas Eve drinks in your local, bump into an old flame and feel the firing of old flames… You’re completely free to throw caution to the wind and snog your secondary school boyfriend under the mistletoe down your local. (Just, y’know, don’t forget about n0. 5 if you’re planning on truly getting caught up in the joy of the season.)