6 Things To Remember When You’re The Only Single Girl Left In Your Friendship Group

All your girl gang are coupled up, engaged or married and you're still on your Pat Malone. Take heart girl, it's definitely not a bad thing. Just remember these six things...

Single Friend

1. Being in a couple isn’t the only measure of success

So what if you’re not in a serious relationship? We’ll bet you’ve got plenty of other deadly things going for you right now. Sure, getting married and finding ‘the one’ is something to be celebrated, but there are plenty of other achievements that you deserve recognition for, too. Don’t feel bad because your friends have achieved different things to you; it doesn’t make you a failure.

2. Being happy and single is better than being coupled up and miserable

We get it: 99% of the time, you’re pretty freakin’ happy with your own company, but every so often (usually around the time of a friend’s engagement) you start to think you might like a slice of that pie, too. Rushing into a relationship with the wrong guy is never going to make you happy, but learning to love your own company almost certainly will.

3. You have the freedom to do whatever the hell you want

Wanna fly to Thailand on a whim, drink cocktails at 11am, or stay in your PJs the entire weekend without any judgement? You can. You might not think much of it, but we can guarantee at least one of your coupled up friends is envious of your freedom.

4. Being alone doesn’t mean being lonely

Rom-com after rom-com promotes the idea that single gals are lonely and desperate for a relationship, but what about the girls who just aren’t on the lookout for anything serious? There’s something pretty liberating about choosing to indulge your independence and spending time in your own company. Forget the pressure to seek out a relationship, and remember that the ‘single and lonely’ stereotype is just that, a stereotype.

5. It’s okay to be a little bit jealous

So you’d probably never admit it to yourself, and you definitely wouldn’t say it out loud, but sometimes when a friend announces an engagement or that overly-affectionate couple packs on the PDA you feel a familiar pang of jealousy. Just because you fancy something your friend has doesn’t mean you aren’t happy for her, and it certainly doesn’t make you a bad person either.

6. The (dating) world is your oyster

Whether you’re actively pursuing ‘the one’, or you’re just dating casually, you literally have the world at your feet when it comes to finding a fella. While your mates may be stuck with guys who have stinky feet, leave the loo seat up or think flirting on the internet is totally okay, you still have the option of finding someone really deadly, and you can be as picky as you darn well please.