6 Ways To Let Go Of A Relationship

It's over and you've gotta move on. Here's how we do it.


It doesn’t matter who did the dumping (unless you did and oh-my-god-you’re-so-happy-about-it), because the end of a relationship can be a pretty sad time as you wave goodbye to all those hopes and dreams you had for the future, not to mention that person you probably spent a lot of your time with. Here’s how we do it.

1 Unfriend his ass

It’ll do you no good to creep on his Facebook page, torturing yourself about those pictures he posted about his fun Saturday night. Who was that girl he was with? Is she his new GF? Argh! You’ll go cray – and you’ve broken up, so there’s no need to be friends on FB anymore, is there? Nope. Delete.

2 Don’t drown your sorrows

Yeah, we know that family-sized bag of Tayto is calling your name but resist, because having to deal with extra poundage is just heaping misery upon heartbreak. And while it’s fab to go out for some positive, all-gals-together pal-time, keep your boozing to a manageable level. There’s nothing worse than the hangover horrors, and they’ll ramp up your break-up misery to the max, too.

3 Don’t rebound

Y’know the saying, “the best way to get over a guy is to get under another?” Yeah, we’re down with that, and it can be a boost you badly need – especially if you didn’t do the breaking. Resist the temptation to rush into another relationship, especially if you’re just out of a long-term affair. Take time to get to know yourself and learn about your own likes and dislikes. That way, when you do get into a new sitch, you can bring a new-found confidence with you.

4 Be kind

Don’t punish yourself. A break-up can be the first time in your life that you realise that horrible things inexplicably happen, and that can be almost as hard to deal with as loss. You can’t get him back through regret, and living in the past will deny you a future. Be kind to yourself each day you feel sad, and you’ll get through this quicker.

5 Zip it online

Tempted to give out yards about him on Twitter or Facebook in thinly-veiled messages? You know what? Don’t. By all means, bore your mates about how awful he is/how you feel – they’ll let you know when their cut-off’s reached – but don’t turn your social spaces into negative air. Because consider this: we all roll our eyes at that person who does that irritating ‘Can’t believe Shaun did that to me’ Lamebooking thing, as a way of seeking attention – so don’t let it be you.

6 Be positive

You’ve experienced a seismic shift. That really hurts, but it’s also an opportunity to make some positive changes. Did you spend a lot of time with your guy? Then use some of that time to do nice things for yourself, like learn a new skill, take a course or see more of your ace pals. While you’re at it, try to remind yourself of what’s still good in your life. It’s balancing and it helps, we promise.

Have you got a tip for moving on from a break-up? Then let us know below!