6 Ways To Save An Extra €1000 This Month Without Even Realising It

You don't need to make major cut backs to save lotsa cash. These handy hacks will make for big savings.

Piggy Bank

So you booked your dream holiday ages ago and now all of a sudden its next month and that 75 cent in your bank account isn’t going to get you very far. Help is at hand though. Combining these six easy saving tips will save you a grand total of €1000 this month. You’re welcome.

1. Get on yer bike

We know it’s super handy, but taking the bus five times a week will set you back €120 every month. Dust off your bicycle and cycle to work instead. Don’t have a bike? Register for the Dublin bike scheme (It’ll only cost you €20 for the year) or put those feet to the pavement and get walking.

2. Cut the caffeine

Love your daily latte? The average coffee addict spends around €5 on cups of java every single day. That’s a massive €140 a month. Can’t cut the habit? In the STELLAR office, we’re partial to an instant coffee or two, so even replacing one of your daily cafe-bought brews with a DIY version could save you around €70 a month.

3. Pack a lunch

All those shop-bought salads and work lunches out can add up. In fact, the average Irish person spends about €155 a month eating out on their lunch hour. We think we’ll bring in our ham and cheese sambos from now on.

4. Pre-drink

Did you know that on a night out we spend around €42 on alcohol, which if you’re a regular down your local, will set you back, a not-so-pleasant €170 a month?  Yep, that’s a helluva lot of spends. We say grab your gal pals, and a bottle of wine and have a few glasses at your gaff before the big night out. Just remember, STELLAR wants you to drink responsibly, y’hear!?

5. Window shop

This is a tough one, we know, but if you can commit yourself to just window shopping for the next month you could save yourself around €200. Research shows that if you set small goals and set yourself a challenge you’re more likely to hit your saving goals, so see how long you can make it without flashing plastic down River Island.

6. Go budget with your beauty products

Irish gals spend a whopping €600 on beauty products and treatments before our holliers, but if you can’t face ditching your high-end faves, hit up Groupon and Living Social. They’re chocker with special offers and budget spa deals.

Total savings: €1109

By Laura Somers.