7 Fab Irish Women Talking Body Positivity And Self Love On Instagram

These gals are a breath of fresh air.

As we’re all very aware by now, Instagram lies. Photos are edited, bad days hide behind sunny TBTs, and everyone and their mam is a clean-eating, gym-going member of the #fitfam (or at least that’s what it looks like).

But remember, you can opt out. Unfollow or mute those accounts that make you feel bad, and find some life-affirming people to follow instead – these seven amazing Irish women, all preaching the gospel of self-love and acceptance, are a breath of fresh air.

Sarah Tyrell


Sarah is, as she says herself, ‘done with apologising’ for her body, and it’s something we could all stand to do too. Both on Instagram and on her blog, she tackles the subjects of self care, sex positivity, and intuitive eating. Lots to learn about here.

Rebecca Flynn


The woman behind Body Positivity Ireland stepped back from the account while pregnant with her second son, but still chats all things #bopo on her Stories, from diet culture to societal pressure on new mothers to ‘bounce back’. A FOUNTAIN of sense, she is.

Nadine Reid

The Xposé presenter never looks less than fabulous at all times, and her Instagram is chock-a-block with bright outfits and inspirational mantras. We all need a dose of Nadine’s energy in our lives.

Louise McSharry

The 2fm presenter is refreshingly candid about her relationship with her body – a recent post encouraging women to shake off the shame, don the togs and swim in the sea was just what many of us needed to hear during the annual influx of ‘beach body ready’ chat.

Melanie Murphy

With over 550k subscribers on YouTube, Melanie’s one of Ireland’s biggest vloggers – and she frequently uses her platform to discuss body positivity. She’s open about her struggles with body dysmorphia and acne, and shares both her good days and bad days.

Louise O’Reilly

Plus size model Louise is out there in her swimsuits showing off her stretchmarks and looking *100 emoji* doing it. The style inspiration is off the charts here.

Lesley Goulding

Lesley shares her journey with atopic dermatitis, a condition that results in dry, painful skin all over her body. She talks about feeling self-conscious when her skin is acting up, but also how she’s no longer apologising for not wearing makeup. Go girl.

Know any more body positive Irish gals that deserve a shout out? Get in touch!