7 Signs You’re Having The Best Sex Of Your Life

Are you having the best time in the sack ever? These signs say yes, yes, yes!


You know the feeling: You wake up and want to immediately do cartwheels, call your BFFs, and super glue yourself to the warm body next to you so you’ll never EVER have be apart. But chances are you’ll nix the acrobatics, settle for a quick Emoji update on the group text (eggplant + heart + smiling purple devil), and you’ll eventually have to bid adieu.  But it’s okay, because you just had GREAT SEX.  To clarify, we’ve compiled the signs you are oh-so successful in the sack right now…

1. Your neighbours give you some very odd looks

Your neighbour gives you the serious side-eye when you see him/her at the mailboxes the next day. Yiiiikes. Not so bad if you live in an apartment, but if you live in a house, that’s called disturbing the peace. Either way, if you can’t have raucous sex in your house gurl, where can you do it? We say make like Taylor and shake it off.

2. Unexpected body pains

If the tightness in your arms is a result of the new position you tried last night, give yourself a high five.  Even better if one or more of your glute/groin muscles feels like you just did 16 back-to-back spin classes. And you haven’t been to the gym in over a week.

3. You always get satisfaction

Or almost always, because off days are allowed. No matter how much you wow the person you’re in bed with, sex can’t truly be great unless you’re also having a blast. If that’s the case, you both deserve a standing ovation.

4. Hair woes are a good thing

On a normal day, you can’t even get your lovely lady locks to hold a single curl, but when you wake up from a wild sex sesh, you literally have a perm. When you’re having seriously good sex, thoughts about your appearance, like whether your blow dry is ruined or your stomach looks flat generally go out the window. As they rightly should.

5. You can say what you want

If something isn’t working for you, you have no probs asking your man to switch it up or taking the initiative and doing it yourself. If you’re having sex with an excellent listener, it’s only up from there. Added bonus: Communication can be a surprisingly effective turn-on.

6. You’ve lost count of how many pairs of knickers have gone missing

Your under garments go missing on the regular. Like, how can so many become lodged under the bed? How did they even get there? No seriously, you want to know.

7. Your man is speechless

There is nothing more satisfying than having proof you would win first place at a sex talent show, if such a thing existed. Instead of being at a loss for words, your SO might also repeat something like, “That was incredible”. Consider it all validation that you are the sexual equivalent of a five-alarm fire.

By Jennifer Conway.


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