7 Things To Thank Your Vagina For Every Day

Consider this an ode to your amazing anatomy, okay?


We know it’s hard not to take something for granted that we use day in and day out. Other times we curse it for not behaving properly, maybe bleeding when it shouldn’t (damn hormones) and not bleeding when it should (again, damn hormones.)

Despite the occasional issues that come with having a vagina, it’s also at the centre of our sexuality. So your lady garden, in many ways is your BFF, and because of that, you should thank it every day for being so badass.

So what should praise your vay-jay-jay for today?

1. For being oh so neat

Not to knock penises, but they’re just out there, hanging around for all to see. Our lady parts, on the other hand, like some level of mystery by keeping themselves hidden away and orderly. They just make for a cleaner, more streamlined look. Don’t ya think?

2. For giving you orgasms

In fact us ladies can have nipple orgasms, clitoral orgasms, and penetrative orgasms. This is mind-blowing, but it’s no urban legend. It’s a real phenomenon. Lucky us.

3. For keeping your clitoris warm and cosy

Because your clitoris is the only organ strictly for pleasure, it deserves a nice place to call home. Your vagina not only provides a safe harbour for the nerve endings in your clit, but it also participates in giving it a nice little stylish hood.

4. For letting you know when you’re aroused

Your vagina knows even before you brain does that you’re turned on and ready for action. Even before you’re able to mentally process what’s going on, blood flows to your vagina providing that warm and tingly sensation that we <3 so much. So now say it with us: Thank you, vagina!

5. For being independent

Contrary to douche products on the market, your hooha can really take care of itself. It knows how to keep its pH balance in line so it will stay nice and clean, and can heal itself faster than most parts of the body.

This doesn’t mean you should totally abandon your vagina’s needs, but it does mean she can roll just fine without you and is far less maintenance than other parts of your body. Just think about the way a vagina bounces back after giving birth? That’s just phenomenal.

6. For being mysterious

Part of the allure is that nearly everything important is tucked away in folds and crevices. There’s a surprise waiting around every corner! Let’s be honest, we all vary so much in what gives us pleasure, but it’s def a huge turn-on to hear your partner gasp and moan as they discover your hot spots.

7. For being beautiful

Vaginas come in all shapes, sizes and colours. And each and every one of them is normal and beautiful. Don’t believe us? Ask your SO, we’re pretty sure they’ll go nuts just describing what they love about it.

By Jennifer Conway.


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