7 Ways To Naturally Boost Your Energy – No Caffeine Required!

Feeling tired more often than not? Girl, we feel you, but before you reach for double shot latte number two, try these tricks to boost your energy, naturally.

Woman yawning at her desk

You’ve just finished shaking the last drops of coffee from an upside-down mug into your mouth, and yet, despite the caffeine overload, you’re still slumped over your desk, dreaming of heading back under the covers. #Zzz.

Chugging too much coffee can actually worsen fatigue, rather than giving you that jolt of energy you so desperately crave, so before you pop on the kettle (again) try these natural energy boosters, to get a bit of your buzz back.

1. Hydrate

So you’re feeling a bit sluggish, it’s probably cos you’re dehydrated. Instead of reaching for a coffee or a sugary snack, chug down some H2O. It’ll perk you up without all that nasty sugar – and the crash that always comes with it. Start as you mean to go on and drink a glass of room temperature water every morning. Keep hydrating until you hit the sack. Trust us you will notice a difference.

2. Get moving

You knew it was coming: the part where you need to stand up and walk around. Stay with us—a little physical activity really does give the mind a jolt. Movement requires a lot more alertness than sitting. Stand up and leave your desk for a few minutes a couple of times throughout your day. We suggest walking up to your work buddy and having that conversation face-to-face rather than sending that email. Your energy and your bod will thank you. Buh-bye afternoon slumps.

3. Tap happy vibes

When you’re feeling down, your energy tanks along with your spirits, leaving you feeling bleurgh. On the flip side, when we’re happy, we take charge and carry out plans. We suggest  jotting down five things you’re grateful for to pump up your positive thinking. Re-read your list when you need a smile. For a double dose of happiness, practice random acts of kindness throughout your week. Open the door for the person behind you at the local shop or compliment a colleague on his or her work. Generosity towards others makes you feel happier today and revved up to take on the world tomorrow. Go forth and spread the love.

3. Go to YouTube

It’s official: We give you permission to watch that dancing hamster video at work. A good laugh raises your blood pressure and boosts heart rate, too, which can pump you up when you’re feeling off track. If YouTube is a no-no at your office, you can switch the gears by turning on some upbeat tunes in your earphones at your desk.

4. Peppermint essential oil

This is an easy way to stimulate your mind and increase your focus. Have a little bottle at your desk and give it a sniff when you need a little va va voom. Or dabbing a few drops on your wrists when you find your energy lagging will work wonders. You will be top of your game in no time!

5. Stretch it out

We’re not saying you need to run laps of the office, or break into the downward dog position, but a few light stretches will seriously boost your energy levels. Try a few arm circles to get your blood pumping. Just maybe not in front of your boss though, yeah?

6. Breathe

Take five deep breaths while picturing happy images, and you can actually up your serotonin levels. Yay. Make sure you’re doing deep breaths  to really notice a difference, a handy tip is to put your finger on your belly button and feel yourself getting a Buddha belly as you breathe in. Remind yourself to take a breath whenever you check your watch or the clock.. Ahhh. You may now resume that e-mail.

7. Find something to look forward to 

At lunchtime, browse the web for plane tickets. Or check out reviews for a movie you want to see over the weekend. Anticipating a pleasurable reward can set off a blast of energising dopamine. Your boss may be wondering why your suddenly all smiles. Oh well.

By Jennifer Conway