8 Irish People Told Us Their Biggest Dating App Fails, And They’d Put You Off Tinder For Life

It isn't a bed of roses, as we very well know.

“I went on a first date with a guy from Tinder who told me he’d shown my profile to his mum and his sister before he came out and that they couldn’t wait to meet me. If that wasn’t bad enough, he told me he was falling in love with me in the taxi home. He still Super Likes my pictures to this day.” – Sue, 31

“I’d been on dating apps for about two years when I started chatting to this guy, let’s call him Dave. He seemed sort of vaguely familiar but I put it down to just always seeing the same faces on apps over and over again. Anyway, after chatting for a while we arranged a date, and it turns out, the reason he was so familiar was because we’d went on a date before, about a year and half previously. You know you’re running out of prospects when you accidentally end up dating the same guy twice.” – Rosie, 30

“I once went on a date with a guy from a dating app who was using pics that were more than five years old. He looked so different that I didn’t even recognise him at the bar. Awkward.” – Erin, 32

“I matched with a guy on Tinder who started a conversation with me by sending me a link. When
I clicked on the link it brought me to an album full of his dick pics. All from different angles and in different lighting. Needless to say I hit the block button pretty quickly after being confronted with an album full of penis.” – Maria, 28

“I was once casually chatting to a guy on Tinder for a couple of hours but after a while I lost interest and stopped replying. I thought this was no big deal until about a week later when he followed me across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and sent me a stream of private messages asking me where I’d gone and if I was okay.” – Sarah, 32

“I was chatting to a guy I met on Plenty Of Fish once and he seemed pretty normal at first. Then he started sending me pics of whips, gags and clothes that he wanted me to wear and said his ultimate fantasy would be to tie me to a tree naked for people to see and that he would come every so often to – as he put it – ‘use’ me. I ended the conversation pretty sharpish after that.” – Claire, 33

“I had planned to meet a girl I’d been chatting to on Plenty Of Fish at this cocktail bar where you bring your own spirits, so after work I headed off on my bike with a bottle of whiskey in my backpack to go and meet her. Long story short, a taxi smashed into me on my way there and sent me off the bike face first into the pavement. My backpack flew over the top of my head and the whisky smashed inside it. At this stage, I was feeling a little stunned, I was soaking wet and I stank of whiskey but I decided to press on with the date regardless, so I stopped in an offy, picked up a new bottle of whiskey and as I was running late I texted the girl to say ‘Sorry I’m late, got hit by a car lol’. Eventually I landed in and I could just see her face of horror as this soaking tramp stinking of whiskey with a black eye rolled in like ‘Heyyyyy, I’m Alex’.” – Alex, 31

“Met a guy from Tinder who was on holidays. He was Irish but about 30 miles away. He cycled all the way to meet me and it was the most awkward moment of my life. He said he was 21 (same age as me) but when he landed clearly he wasn’t since his mam rang him every two minutes because he never said where he was gone. Nothing happened and he kept texting me ‘hey’ for years. No exaggeration. Blocked his number, Facebook and Insta, and then a few months later he followed me on Twitter. He then asked ‘Can I ask you one question? Would you have shifted me?’ I cringe thinking of it.” – Carla, 24


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