9 Landlord-Proof Ways To Make Your Rented Home Your Own

How to personalise your space without getting a bollocking from the owner.

One of the best things about owning your own home is that it’s yours to do what you please with, but making huge changes to a landlord-owned property could see you getting the boot – a total nightmare in the housing market today. However, you don’t have to paint a room to change its vibe so follow these handy tips that won’t break the bank – and best of all, you can take all of it with you!

Seek out cool, meaningful prints

I started collecting prints from Irish companies a couple of years ago, and Sketchy Inc is one of my new favourites. Look them up on Instagram, I guarantee you won’t regret it. Another fab Irish artist is Carolyn Walsh, also on Insta.

Make a gallery wall


This works great on a landing or in the sitting room. Buy some cheapish frames from IKEA or Penneys, and frame all your meaningful photos together. Choose a theme, like black and white photos or gold frames, to keep it consistent.

Top tip: Don’t want to put holes in the walls? Try easy-off sticky tabs, or Blu-Tac. Most landlords would forgive the odd scuff though.

Focus on lighting and vibe

Debenhams, €95

If all else fails, rely on cute lighting options. From candles (I adore Pippa O’Connor’s collection) to funky lamps, soft light can really make a place feel homey and cosy during the autumn.

Get a fab mirror

A reflective surface not only opens up a space, but it can be a real talking point. We adore this chintzy full-length mirror from Zara Home, €59.99.

Soft furnishings are key

Zara Home, €99.99

Cushions, throws, rugs and bed linen can all make a huge statement while being both practical and affordable. Stock up and be comfy as well as making yourself at home.

Make your books a feature

We love this shelving unit from M&S, €340, which can hold pretty much anything and really stands out. Why not colour coordinate your books in a rainbow fashion for a really eye-catching corner?

Top tip: Want to spruce up an old dresser or wardrobe, or even kitchen cabinets? Try some new door handles – just twist and go.

Find some pretty appliances

Most people need a toaster and a kettle, but is there any reason for them to be boring? These fab pink and rose gold offerings are from Next, and they’re far cheaper than the SMEG versions.

Get crafty

In my opinion, every home should have a bar cart but they are pricey. Buy a kitchen cart from IKEA (Sunnersta is only €25) and spray it gold with paint from ALDI or your local hardware store. Et voila, Pinterest-worthy and a bargain.

Embrace plants

Penneys, €7

You don’t have to have green fingers to have a foliage-filled home. Fake plants these days look just as good as the real thing, you don’t have to water them, and you can pick them up all over the high street.


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