9 Life Hacks That’ll Give You Bag Loads More Energy

Moody in the morning? Sluggish at three and ready for bed by nine? We know how to fix it.


Hectic schedules, early starts and not catching proper zeds can make us feel seriously groggy. Here’s what you need to do to be that chipper chick with all the energy.

1 Stop snoozing

We know it’s impossible to resist, but hitting ‘snooze’ actually makes you feel way more tired in the long run. Put your alarm on the other side of the room so you have to spring out of bed to switch it off. And then, y’know, resist the temptation to re-insert yourself under the duvet.

2 Eat breakfast like a king (Or queen!)

You know how your Mammy is always telling you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Well it is! Ditch your morning bagel or pastry and instead scoff down a big brekkie of scrambled egg and wholemeal toast to keep you going until lunch.

3 Get stretching

Nobody’s saying you need to break into lunges, but a few light stretches will seriously boost your energy levels. Try a few arm circles to get your blood pumping. Just maybe not in front of your colleagues though, yeah?

4 Stop eating lunch at your desk

It’s comfy and oh, so warm in the office, but getting just ten minutes of exercise on your lunch break can keep you revved up for over two hours. Even nipping to the coffee shop next door for a latte and a breath of fresh air will do you good.

5 Get in a few laughs

A good chuckle decreases energy-zapping stress hormones and increases blood flow, meaning it’s goodbye to grogginess. Strike up a fun convo with your work buddies, watch cat videos on Youtube or do anything that helps you get your giggle on for a few minutes.

6 Snack more

As if we needed an excuse! Munching on dried fruit and nuts, wholegrain crackers and hummus, or a square or two of chocolate will help you get your mojo back mid-afternoon. Somebody pass the Dairy Milk!

7 Take five minutes

Did you know we can only concentrate on a single task for about 90 minutes? Yep, tell that one to your boss. Take five minutes out to make your colleagues tea, do the coffee run or nip to the bathroom to reapply your lippie. You’ll be the brightest blade in the office when you get back to your desk.

8 Chug down more water

If you’re feeling a bit bleugh, it’s probably ’cause you’re dehydrated. Instead of reaching for a Red Bull or Diet Coke, chug down some H2O. It’ll perk you up without all nasty sugar – and the crash that always comes with it.

9 Get your zen on

Finding it hard to switch off in the evenings? Slip into something comfy, switch the lights out and meditate for 20 minutes. It’ll set you up for a great night’s sleep, meaning you’ll be able to do it all again tomorrow.