9 Men Reveal The One Thing They Really Want More Of In Bed

"I never knew that a neck kiss could make my knees go weak until a girl kissed me there."


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It’s the one piece of sex advice you’ve no doubt read time and time again: be honest about what you want in bed.

That’s easier said then done, of course, and unless you’re very comfortable with your partner – or are having a DGAF one-night stand – it can sometimes be tough to open up about what works for you.

The same goes for men, of course. Often we tend to assume that once a guy comes, the sex has been a success, but there’s a whole lot more to foreplay and sex than just orgasming at the end of it all. This Reddit thread started by asking men the one sex tip they wished they could share with women, and it threw up some very interesting results…

On being open, honest and vocal

“Be vocal! Tell me if you dislike what I’m doing, or if you really like it and want me to keep going. I can’t get myself off if I’m not getting you off, that’s just how I am. This may not be for everyone though.”

“If there’s something that your guy does when he gets really into it (slapping your ass, grabbing your ankles, a finger in the butt), tell him to do it instead of just letting it happen. It’ll unlock a sweeping feeling of validation and he’ll super dig it.”

On enthusiasm

“Unbridled enthusiasm is awesome. One of the best experiences I ever had was with this girl who begged me to f*ck her she wanted it so bad. And when I teased her she became nothing short of ravenous.”

On BJs, balls and that spot

“Gently massage [the testicles] while you blow, and stop occasionally to suck and lick them. It’s a little tricky, because if you apply too much pressure it will hurt and be an erection-killer, but if you do it just right it makes it a lot better (and BJs are amazing to begin with!)”

“Find where your man’s spot is. There’s somewhere on his penis that will launch him through the roof. His that spot when you’re giving him head, or find an angle when you’re f*cking that brushes that spot. He’ll be eating out of your hand in no time.”

On the joy of the slow-blow

“[T]he best blow jobs in my life were done patiently. Really loving being in control and maintaining eye contact, stroking my abs, inner thighs & balls like I’m the only guy you ever want to play with. Being in the moment.”

On biting and neck kissing (always a winner it seems)

“Try the neck kiss. I never knew that could literally make my knees go weak until a girl kissed me there.”

“This may not work for everyone, but bite me. Right in the neck/shoulder area. If a girl bites my shoulder playfully while kissing or something, Im turned on. If its on the neck, Im ready to go then and there.”

On taking the lead when on top

“Imagine a guy. When on top, he is thrusting repeatedly. Now, turn that around with you on top and you thrusting your hips up and down. It is almost like twerking. Amazing, I mean truly amazing.”

All quotes via Reddit.



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