A Ban On Botox And Lip Fillers For Under 18s Is Being Considered in Ireland

Research suggests that one in 10 Irish people have had Botox or fillers.

It’s no secret that cosmetic procedures are becoming more popular and more mainstream in recent years.

Whether reality stars like the Geordie Shore gals, Love Islanders or Kardashian-Jenners are to blame or not, they’ve certainly had a huge influence on the way people want to look.

Research by Therapie Clinic in 2018 found that one in 10 Irish people have had Botox or fillers, with 57% of those who haven’t had anything done saying they’d consider it in future. And while it’s easy to assume it’s women who are getting stuff done, more and more men are opting for procedures in recent years.


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Dr Paul Reddy, Medical Director of Therapie Clinic,  told STELLAR that 30% of their clients are male, and they expect that in the next two years it will be split 50/50 between men and women.

It’s becoming more accessible and more affordable too, which means that even those under 18 are seeking treatments.

In response to the surge of interest in botox and fillers, Health Minister Simon Harris revealed that he is looking at banning these procedures for anyone under 18.

“It is clear this is a growing industry across all age groups and all sexes. While the profession and the products are regulated, I am conscious that this is an industry that is continuing to grow and particularly worryingly, it is targeting young men and women,” he said.

“There are a number of reasons for this including a desire by young men and women to be perfect, driven by social media. But there are also companies and professionals who are exploiting that for their own gain. Many of these products are being offered cheaply, without prior assessment of the person and by professionals who are not regulated in this country.”


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He explained that he is looking at the safety issues that may come with cosmetic procedures.

“There is a need to examine whether current regulations are sufficient or whether further regulation is required. This is not an issue solely confined to Ireland but one that I believe we need to address as a matter of priority.”

“I have asked my department to look at all steps in this regard. In the past, we have banned sunbeds for under-18s and I have asked my department to assess whether we should impose a minimum age for the use of these products,” the minister explained.


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