A Dublin Café Is Now Making Those Blue Lattes That Instagram’s Been Raving About

Here's where to try the 'Smurf Latte' in Dublin's fair city.

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Source: Instagram/@sophvdk

If you happen to follow any health fanatics on Instagram, you’ve probably spotted Smurf Lattes in your feed. It’s hard to miss them, of course, because they happen to be bright blue.

Yup, if you think you’re on trend with your green Matcha Latte or yellow Turmeric Latte, think again. Blue lattes have been popping up on social media for a while now, after a Melbourne café kickstarted the craze, and they’re now available to try in Dublin too.

Like a matcha or chai tea latte, smurf lattes don’t contain any coffee, but panic not, you’ll still be buzzing after a few sips. The sky blue drinks contain a blend of lemon, ginger, agave, almond milk and E3 live algae, which give them their vibrant colour. As of today, January 3rd, you can try out a blue latte for yourself at The Cracked Nut on Camden St.

The blue algae is a superfood that helps support overall body and mind balance, and we are really excited to be the first in Ireland to have it on our menu,” says The Cracked Nut’s owner Nikki Carruthers, who promises the drinks are “super tasty” as well as being good for you. Phew.

Blue lattes were the brainchild of Melbourne-based vegan caff Matcha Mylkbar, and were something of an instant hit. “People think it’s going to be a bubble gummy sweet taste,” the café’s owner Nic Davidson told Mashable back in September. “You can definitely taste the agave and the lemon. It’s a quite sweet and ‘soury’ kind of taste… but everyone thinks it’s different.”

An algae latte with a sweet and “soury” taste? Okay, it might not replace your morning Americano just yet, but we reckon it could be worth a try all the same.