Amy Poehler’s ‘Smart Girls’ Is Our New Favourite Instagram Account

Give it a look!

You might have seen an interview with comedian Amy Poehler that’s been trending for the past couple of days.

A tweet has been circulationg of Amy’s serious answers to entertainment questions she was being asked in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, in which she tore apart President Trump and mentioned serious pollution issues.

The gas bish isn’t afraid to tackle real world issues and questions, and leading from that, we now are fully obsessed with her.

The Mean Girls star set up ‘Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls’, which according to their Instagram bio was set up by ‘best friends Amy Poehler & Meredith Walker’ who ‘created Smart Girls to celebrate your truest self. Why? Because you change the world by being yourself!’

Just a quick glance through their Insta tells you of what they are about, giving platforms to real world women tackling important issues like the ‘smart girls’ they are.

We’re so here for celebrities using their superpowers for good, and with over 800,0000 followers, we love the platform this is giving to women who need it the most.

You keep doing you, boo!


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