Apparently This Is The Best Way To Answer That Awkward Job Interview Question

At least you can prepare for it, right?

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It’s a universally accepted human fact that job interviews are the WORST.

There’s the inevitable pre-interview meltdown when you realise the blouse you had planned to wear has an unidentifiable stain right over your left boob. Then there’s the stressful dash to find the interview location, which is usually six floors up and down some sort of labyrinth-like corridor.

Plus, of course, there’s the panic that breaks out when you get asked a particularly awkward question. Like “What’s your biggest weakness?” for example. The most horrendous of all interview questions,┬ásurely?

One Reddit user has attempted to reduce some of the stress surrounding that question by asking other users for their proposed answers – and some of them are pretty good.

You could be honest – but show that you’re working on your bad habits:

You could turn a negative into a positive:

Or you could use the question to describe a time you rose to a challenge:

Just don’t do what this lad did, we BEG you.