Are You In A New Era Of Your Life?

Jade Carpenter on pressing play on a brand-new phase of life.

I’ve felt a big shift in my life in the last year. I got a job I’ve been working toward for years, finally have the same time off as the people I love, am getting exciting opportunities that I could have only dreamt of a couple of years ago and have many a ‘pinch me’ moment on the regular.

This shift felt like a lot of things were coming together, it felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be at that time, as it still does now. Although I was internally feeling this excitement and contentment, I couldn’t quite articulate it, that was until I came across a TikTok that a girl captioned, “When you realise you have entered season 2 of your life.” That was it. If my life was a series, this would be the beginning of a new season. I absolutely loved that reference.

I am ALL about romanticising life, absolutely go for that hot girl walk with your music blaring pretending it’s the opening credits of a rom-com. Definitely read your book in the park on a sunny day and know you’re giving off main character vibes because you are the main character of your life! Once you decide to own that and think of life that way you appreciate the little things a whole lot more, not to mention being more confident when you’re alone. Solo dining? Main character, art exhibit alone? You’re the star of the show, you know what I mean? Give yourself those moments and enjoy them.


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So, what does it mean to be in a new season of your life? Think about season two of your favourite series, you have established the principal cast, you know their vibe and their personalities but now they have a new plot to follow. Be it an exciting new job, a dream they want to pursue, or even just the fact that they’ve adopted a pet. The plot of the new season is different, things are not the same as before.

Next up you have new characters, season two always has a new series regular enter the scene, (think Alfie in Emily In Paris) you might be noticing a few new faces in your day-to-day life. Perhaps new friends, colleagues, a love interest? And maybe an old cast member has left the show, maybe someone isn’t in your life anymore and it’s time for a fresh start and a new storyline. Use this time to evaluate the characters in your life, you have control of who’s in it.

Setting is a big one. Whether you’ve moved city or job or even found a new coffee shop you like to visit, there’s something different about the places you go now. They feel more exciting, you’re meant to be going there, I don’t know why, but as long as it makes you happy, continue to go, you never know what plotlines will unwind.

Character development is always a big deal in a new season, we are learning more about the protagonist. In this case it’s ourselves. I’ve grown a lot in the past year alone by just focussing on what makes me happy. I joined yoga, I put myself and my wellbeing first in many ways, I took opportunities that scared me and they’ve paid off and I am trying to be present and enjoy the time I have with those closest to me. As Kourt K would say, “right now my vibe is just living life” and I’m determined to enjoy it.

As exciting as this all can be, it is hard to decide that you want to leave a part of your life behind when moving forward, especially if it’s a version of yourself. You’re always a little apprehensive of whether the next season will live up to the last.

Sarah Doyle Life & Confidence Coach for Women (@sarah_thebetterlifeproject) explains, “I think we all struggle to let go of parts of ourselves that we don’t identify with anymore. I refer to those as legacy values. Things that we were known for growing up or things that people expect of us or things that we ‘should do’. It is so hard letting go of that part of ourselves because we don’t want to feel like we’re letting people down…

“It’s extremely difficult letting go of a version of ourselves that’s no longer serving us, or that we no longer want to be, but it can be done and it can be really freeing liberating.”

Everything I’m describing here is a version of change, but big life changes aren’t always easy, and neither are new chapters in life, there are always new obstacles and maybe you don’t feel all that ready for it yet…

Sarah shares some tips for those who may be feeling a little overwhelmed by it all;

“I would recommend understanding and connecting with [your] values, whether it’s personal or professional values. What we’ve seen with the pandemic is that it has been a very traumatic time for a lot of people and has forced us to really take stock of what we want from our life or career. I believe we can enter new seasons in our personal life and our professional life both simultaneously and separately, so we need to get clear on what’s important to us.

“When we have a clear understanding of what’s important to us, we are able to act with a greater sense of clarity and confidence.” You may not be the same person you were pre-pandemic, or even two-months ago and it’s okay to decide what the new you wants.

“Change, progress, letting go and moving toward things that are important to us is not always going to be fun, it’s not always going to smell like roses. I think that we need to stop demonising the challenges that we might face. But we are doing it because of some really compelling vision that we have for ourselves which means that we can overcome those obstacles and hardships…We’re moving towards joy, but it’s naive to think the journey will only ever be joyful,” she adds.

@afsarakelline been waiting for a new season so long I had to double up on trends lol #newseason #life #edits ♬ Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear

If you search ‘new season of my life’ into TikTok you’re bound to find dozens of videos of people relating to this feeling. It’s happening all around us, but once you become aware of your new era, things start to feel like they’re falling into place.

Ciara, 25, tells me she high-key relates to all of this and has her own experience to share;

“I feel like I kick started my own season three of my life, post college and entering my professional career. I learned to accept myself more and by making conscious decisions into self-acceptance. In doing this, I feel like it made a ripple effect on my life, clogs were turning and the new season started. All of my decisions happened around the time I was leaving an old job and starting a new one and I opened myself up to getting involved with someone, all of this at once felt like a massive new chapter for me.

“The self-acceptance journey is not 100% there yet, and I don’t know if it ever will be, but I feel like the universe paid me back for making those conscious decisions by bringing me these good things and good energy in this new chapter. I’m really aware of everything that’s happening and I feel really grateful.”

That sounds like an exciting season ahead, someone pass the popcorn.

Are you currently evaluating what season of life you’re in? Or maybe you’re perfectly settled in the middle of one. Not everyone’s life runs at the same pace, if yours is more of a movie and you’re in no rush for a massive plot twist that is A-Okay. Just remember you’re the main character no matter what and live your life as such.


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