Autumn Blues: What Are They And What Can You Do To Beat Them This Year?

This time of year can be hard for us summer babies.

I can’t be the only one feeling this way, can I? I think to myself every, single, September.

While everyone around me is excited for the autumn months awaiting us, I can’t help but feel as though I am in mourning – mourning the loss of summer.

During the summer, I have a tan, the days are longer, which motivates me to go out and socialise, I feel extra energised, meaning I am more likely to exercise – which in turn boosts my self confidence because physically, I look my best – my list for loving summer goes on and on.

Autumn/winter? Well, I do like cosy nights and cute jumpers I suppose? For me, I almost dread the months ahead, knowing that I will socialise less, my physical appearance will take a knock due to dry skin, eating more and exercising less etc, and the days are shorter, resulting in getting less done – talk about being a negative Nancy, eh?

With nothing but hashtags stating #takemeback and #holidayblues plastered all over Instagram this time of year, I can’t be wrong in thinking that I am not the only one who feels this way. And, as it turns out, I most definitely am not the only one. autumn can worsen anxiety and depression, experts say. And SAD – that’s seasonal affective disorder, is a real thing.

Now, I am not claiming I have this, that would be a little extreme. I do of course enjoy some elements of the colder months – I just really, really love spring and summer, sue me.

However, this year I am determined not to allow my September blues to manifest itself until spring crops it’s pretty little head.

This autumn and winter I will continue to exercise when I can, each winter I find myself never excising and instead constantly reaching for chocolate in a bid to make myself feel better – not this year, nope, a new, less crap eating me is on the way.

We are all familiar with the concept of a summer holiday, but why not have a winter holiday? This doesn’t have to be two weeks in the sunshine, but a couple of days in a city I’ve never seen before might just help to rejuvenate my mood, Winter getaway, here I come.

Finally, I will set some goals. It could be something small like, I want to read x amount of books during these colder nights, or something more solid like I will see my friends at least three times a month. Either way, I will do things this winter, and it will be great.

For me personally, I don’t think I will ever feel entirely okay to wave goodbye to my beloved summer. Alas, by putting some of the above ideas into practice I am hopeful that I can make these next five or so months bearable.

In the words of Ross Geller, I am going to make myself happy.


Do you get down during this time of year? If so, what do you do to lift your mood again?


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