Barbie Is Now A Full Time Vlogger And Her YouTube Channel Is Very Important

She's tackling some real issue over at

If you’re a millennial, you probably remember Barbie as the unrealistically shaped doll that dominated most of your childhood.

If you’re a kid of the 2000’s, you maybe don’t know that much about her? Well now, she’s back and has full reinvented herself as a #woke YouTuber.

The official YouTube channel for Barbie, as well as some ads and info on Ken, has a ‘vlogging’ section, where we can keep up to date with what B is up to these days, and she’s been tackling some important issues head on.

‘Felling Blue? You’re Not Alone!’, the title of one of her vlogs talking about mental health issues and how she deals with feeling down, has over 800,000 views, as well as her ‘I’m Only “Joking”‘ vlog, which talks about taking jokes too far, has over 1 million hits.

We’re so on board with this complete Barbie rebrand, a whole universe away from the 90’s ‘perfect’ doll a lot of us grew up with.

Who else fancies whipping out their old Barbies??