Chrissy Teigen Is Getting Major Praise For Her Posts About The Reality Of Childbirth

She's living up to her honest reputation on Twitter.

Chrissy Teigen is being praised all over social media for sharing her experience of the more brutal side of childbirth.

In a tweet posted on Sunday, Chrissy described how the birth of her newborn son was significantly easier due to the fact she didn’t suffer from extreme vaginal tears:

The comment section of her Twitter lit up after posting the tweet, with mothers praising Chrissy for her openness and honesty about the trials of childbirth.

Women explained that they have also experienced severe tears while giving birth, but it is rarely talked about:

Severe vaginal tears, which Chrissy experienced with her daughter Luna, are generally referred to as 3rd or 4th degree tears.

Third degree is a laceration from the vaginal tissue, through the area between your vagina and anus, also known as the perineal, that extends into the anal sphincter. Fourth degree tears goes through the anal sphincter.

With mild vaginal tears, women will receive little or no stitches which will generally heal over a few weeks. More severe tears are stitched accordingly depending on their degree and this can take a few months for the pain to subside.

Chrissy followed up her tweet with a post on Instagram featuring the newborn, wearing a pair of unusual looking underwear.

To give a new mother’s body comfort after the ordeal of childbirth, many women turn towards special mesh underwear, as seen on Chrissy’s post. These underwear can be lifesavers for new mams, especially those with vaginal tears, as they can hold postpartum pads and ice packs and can be thrown out at the end of the day.

As well as an outpouring of support from members of the public, Chrissy’s post also garnered a lot of support from fellow celebrity mothers.

Jessica Alba commented “Omg!!! That was so funny and so right on!” while Jordin Sparks added “Same boat! Adult diapers for the win! Congratulations on the little one!”

“I love those underwear, they were lifesaver after birth,” actress Jaime King said, as Real Housewives star, Bethenny Frankel, added, “YUP”.

Actress Kristen Bell also posted about her ‘#meshpanties’ last December, 3 years after giving birth to her son.

We’re all for women getting real about childbirth and motherhood. Fair play, Chrissy and the gang.

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