Dream Job! This Vlogger Family Are Looking For A Nanny To Travel The World With Them

Travel costs are covered AND it's paid.

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Do you love the thought of travelling the world, but can’t imagine quitting your job or living without a wage for a year? Well, you might want to read on.

A US-based vlogger family are offering one lucky candidate the chance to travel the world with them for a year or more, with all accommodation and travel costs covered, plus a solid monthly salary too. The flipside? You’ll be nanny to their three young kids, all under six.

Derek and M’kenzie Tillotson have been vlogging over on their channel, Five Take Flight, for the last few months as they prep for their big trip. Their nanny call-out video has gone all kinds of viral this week, racking up 23,000 views in 48 hours.

The couple are no strangers to travel, having spent the last eight years travelling the globe with and without their kids, but their next vacation is a long one, and they want to bring along a full-time nanny.

From July 2017, the fivesome plan to spend roughly a year travelling Scandinavia, mainland Europe, the US, Asia and New Zealand.


“We’re looking for someone to bring along to help with the kids and help with homeschooling. Someone who’s going to love our children as much as we do,” M’kenzie explains in a video posted on the family’s YouTube channel this week.

“It’s hard to define your exact hours because you’ll be living with us but you will have time to yourself every day for sure, and once or twice a week you’ll have time to go off and have your own adventures. We’ll both be working so homeschooling is going to fall heavily on you,” the couple explain. As well as having travel, bed and board costs covered, you’ll also get a flight home for two weeks at Christmas, plus any sightseeing costs during your work hours.

If the idea of homeschooling three kids in a foreign country sounds daunting, it’s worth noting that the kids – Porter, Beckett and Wren – are all under five, so the level of schooling needed will be basic.

“We will be leaving mid July but may ask that you join us on a ‘test trip’ sometime before then,” the couple add. “To make sure things are a good fit for both of us. We will be paying you during the test trip(s) at the same rate as agreed upon for the year long trip.”

Ideally the family are looking for someone with a background in childhood development – holla if you’re a primary school teacher! – but mainly they also want someone “relaxed and flexible… a good roommate who’s willing to pitch in with cooking, cleaning, packing bags, pushing strollers and even taking photos.”

Sound like your dream job? Apply here and tag any introduction videos with #fivetakeflight – but act fast because you definitely won’t be the only one firing off a CV.