Easy Does It: 4 Super Simple Hacks That’ll Help you Stay On Track This Christmas

We're all about eating to our heart's content over the holidays, but if you don't want to completely lose the run of yourself, here's what to do.

Nothing about the festive season says ‘restraint,’ and if you’re trying to stay healthy, December can be an absolute minefield. Who better to advise us about staying on track than Amanda Thomson, the brains behind Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco?

Keep it balanced

“Take a night off every once in a while,” suggests Amanda. “’Balance’ is a boring word, but even the smallest amount of common sense should get you through the Christmas season.”

Be a Christmas angel by day

“If I’m going to have a big night, I’ll try and fit in a spin or circuit class earlier in the day,” says Amanda. “I’ll also hydrate as much as I can, and I’ll eat a proper lunch packed with healthy, nutritious food.”

Beware of sugar

“It’s not fat that’s the devil if you’re trying to stay healthy, but sugar,” warns Amanda. “When I was developing Skinny Prosecco, my aim was to create a blend with half the sugar of normal bubbly, but with the same alcohol level and a really clean taste.”

Be kind to yourself

Did ‘just the one’ after work end up with you roaring the lyrics to Fairytale Of New York in a cab home at 3am, kebab in hand? “Don’t beat yourself up about it,” advises Amanda. “None of us are perfect, and as long as you’re making healthy choices the rest of the time, your diet won’t suffer too much.”

This article first appeared in STELLAR’s December issue. Our January/February issue is on shelves now!

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