Faces By Grace Has Opened Up About Depression And Anxiety And We Love Her For It

She also shared a stunning before and after pic

Grace Mongey at the Peter Mark VIP Style Awards 2018 at The Marker Hotel in Dublin.

Grace Mongey, AKA Faces By Grace has shared a very open and honest post about dealing with anxiety and depression.

The top beauty blogger spoke out about her own experience dealing with the issues, alongside a stunning transformation picture, saying she is “much happier” now than she has been before.

“4 months ago and 2 stone lighter today.” she captioned the Instagram pic.

” It’s only when I see side by side picture that I see how far I’ve come! I’m so proud and I feel 100 times better.

Over the last 4 months I’ve changed many things in my life. I eat cleaner, trainer harder and I’m much more active. I feel happy and positive again! In the new year I battled my anxiety and felt really depressed.

I never fully opened up about it to you all but it was a very bad patch, I was on medication for my panic attacks and I really didn’t feel like myself. I cried everyday and felt so overwhelmed. I set myself some small achievable New Years resolutions and I kept them up.

I wanted to be healthier and look after my mental health. It’s taken it’s time and I still struggle but I minded myself and minded my mind.

“I don’t wake up with that sick feeling in my tummy and I’m just content! I love myself in both of these pictures but I’m so so so much happier in the second.”

How amazing does she look?!


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