Fitness Goals! Little Mix Say THIS Is The Exercise Move That Changed Their Bodies

Adding this to our routines STAT.

Little Mix USA Pro

Posing in the campaign imagery for their new fitness wear range for USA Pro there’s no denying that Little Mix are fighting fit and in their best shape ever.

The girls have spent 12 months sifting through different designs and getting hands on with the creative process to design an active range that includes hoodies, tops, leggings, bras, tops and joggers.

Of course, Leigh-Ann, Jade, Jesy and Perrie are all big keep fit fans so they’ll be getting plenty of wear out of their new gear.

But what workout do they credit with getting them in the incredible shape they’re in now?

Chatting to Look Magazine, the girls revealed that although their high-impact dance routines are largely responsible for keeping them trim, they do have a few killer moves in their arsenal that they pull out down the gym.

In fact, there’s one in particular that they claim has proven most effective.

“[It’s] the one where you’re on all fours and you pretend you’re a dog,” explains Perrie, with Leigh-Anne adding “Yeah. The leg thing. You put your leg up and down.’

Hmm. Sounds to us like the girls are talking about Glute Kickbacks, which look like an absolute killer…

Out of all the band, Leigh-Anne is probably the fittest, previously telling Dare “I try to train three to four times a week depending on my schedule.”

“I train either early morning before work or when I have the odd days off. It’s hard fitting it all in, but it’s become part of my lifestyle.”

Training aside, Leigh-Anne and the rest of the girls have a great attitude when it comes to allowing themselves treats, and they’ll not be staying completely on plan in the run up to Xmas.

“You’ve got to embrace Christmas, you’ve gotta be a fatty at Christmas,” Leigh-Anne tells Look.

You said it Leigh-Anne. We couldn’t agree more.


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