#FreeTheVulva: The Hashtag That Encourages Us To Be Open About Our Pubic Hair

STELLAR PROMOTION: And here's why we're getting behind it!

Venus is on a mission to #FreeTheVulva and get people taking about their pubes loud and proud. Empowering women, making them feel confident with the right products and shining a light on the conversation down there, everywhere.

Because let’s face it, we all have the same issues when it comes to shaving our pubic area. From irritation to unwanted bumps and razor burn, but talking about these issues isn’t something we’re all that good at… yet!

Speaking to STELLAR readers, it’s clear that everyone is in favour of a welcomed change when it comes to the conversation around pubic hair and how we maintain it. Out of 1,683 people surveyed, 1,360 readers admit that they find there’s a lack of good advice and information out there when it comes to shaving their pubic area, with over 60% raising their hands and admitting that they avoid shaving down there because of irritation.

Similarly so, half of those questioned admitted that in 2022, they still find it embarrassing to talk about their pubic region, with many giving the area nicknames from “lady garden” to “fairy” and most commonly (and totally Irish) “Mary” coming out on top.

But if there’s one thing nearly everyone agrees on, it’s that a product specifically designed for down below is one they’d use, with 92% in favour.

Cue our favourite nifty tool, the Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin Razor, and the brand’s mission to #FreeTheVulva and finally change how we talk about our pubic hair. With over 20 years of expertise in women’s shave and skin care, the razor and blades have been specifically designed for the uniqueness of women’s pubic areas.

Launching across Ireland, Venus’ products are dermatologist and gynaecologist approved, with the collection including a razor with bespoke blade technology and innovative solutions to help protect pubic hair and skin. Read more here!

The Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin Razor RRP* €12.29, will be available at Boots, Dunnes Stores, Tesco & pharmacies nationwide.


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