From Your Da To Your BF, Here’s Exactly What To Get The Man In Your Life This Christmas

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Men can sometimes be tricky to buy for, especially if they fall into the ‘Ah me? Sure I’m grand. Just buy me socks and an old stick’ category.

Despite what they might say, everyone likes to be treated to something thoughtful at Christmas, but the problem is thinking of what to get them.

Thankfully we’ve done some of the hard work this year with our guy-centric gift guide, which should solve your Dad/brother/boyfriend/the-guy-you’ve-been-on-four-dates-with buying dilemmas. And that means more time for you to spend enjoying the run-up to Christmas, which can only be a good thing.

For your dad (or stepdad, or uncle…)

Dads are notoriously hard to buy for, but the below are some very safe bets that are sure to keep him happy.

Bolloxology, €13.99 Penguin

bolloxology high res
The little brother to Codology, Bolloxology is formally described as ‘having notions above your station.’ With help from Irish artist Twisted Doodles, Colm O’Regan offers a step-by-step guide to Bolloxology, from using jargon in work to eating gourmet fish and chips off a reclaimed wood board.


Leather Thinsulate Gloves, €47.50, Marks & Spencer

If your dad’s the kind who often ventures out in a three-decade old Aran sweater with holes in it, insisting it still “does the job,” update his cold-weather wardrobe a little with these beautiful and warm leather gloves.


The Beer Club Monthly Discovery Plan,

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 15.14.30
Irish company The Beer Club hunts out new beers each month and sends two of each pick direct to your dad to taste them before anyone else. Opt for 12 or eight bottles per month, with a three-month plan costing €120.

For your boyfriend

Whether you’re looking for a splash-out gift or a few stocking fillers, check out some of these ideas that are sure to please.

Guinness 1798 Double Extra Stout 75cl, €20, The Loop At Dublin Airport

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 12.05.40
Who needs craft beers when you have limited edition Guinness? The Double Extra stout is perfect for anyone who enjoys a pint of the black stuff, and it’s exclusively available at The Loop at Dublin Airport so you can be sure he won’t have tried it before.


Sportsman Recovery Kit, €35.00, Industry & Co

If your man plays sports or hits the gym, he’ll appreciate this recovery kit waaay more than a bog standard aftershave gift box. Containing a resistance band, muscle-soothing bath soak and other treats, this would be a welcome addition to any workout arsenal.


The Suave Jacket, €129, Ember & Earth

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 12.40.17
Irish company Ember & Earth specialises in these gorgeous rainproof jackets in a range of colours, from eye-popping red to slate grey. They’re unisex, so it’s a gift for you too (sssh).

For your brother (or your nephew, or your bestie…)

Rather than embarrassing him with a Christmas jumper/novelty boxers yet again, be sound and pick out something your little bro will actually use.

Tickets to GamerCon, €40 weekend ticket or €25 p/day

Taking place in Dublin on March 18 and 19 and with over 20,000 gamers expected to attend, GamerCon is a chance to try out brand new games and to meet some of the biggest names in gaming, including Uberdanger, Nick Andrew and JeromeASF.


Remote Controlled Drone, €50, Flying Tiger at Liffey Valley

Flying Tiger at Liffey Valley_Remote Controlled Drone
Attach a GoPro to film landscapes from up above (and terrorise tourists) with this remote-controlled drone. The hard part, of course, is learning to fly it.


Jamoji Emoji Speakers, €39 each, Harvey Norman


These are pretty damn adorable by themselves, but the fact that they double up as a speaker – and a good one at that – make them a total winner. We’ll leave the choice between smiley and poop up to you.

The guy you’ve just started seeing

Always a toughie, this one. Even if you two are on the road to long-term love, the early days are no time to be going all out with gifts, so keep it fun, thoughtful and simple.

The Battle: Paul O’Connell, €18.99 RRP, Penguin

The Battle high res
Paulie’s autobiography comes on the heels of his retirement from professional rugby, so it’s sure to contain some gems about his legendary career.


Paladone Respect the Beard Mug, €6.99, Boots

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 12.30.30
If your FWB rocks a beard (and enjoys tea), he’ll love this


Well? T-Shirt, €24, Hairy Baby

hairy baby t shirt
Is he from the country? He MUST wear this.