Got Gains? This 72-Year-Old Irish Woman Is Probably Fitter Than All Of Us Put Together

"I'd walk around the pool feeling like a 17-year-old instead of a lady of 70..."

Linda Gregg from Armagh is fitter than most of us, with the ability to leg press four times her body weight, in addition to stints of intense cardio.

Sounds impressive, right? Well, what if we told you she was 72-years-old?

The former civil servant thanks her personal trainer, 27-year-old Aamir Ishtiaque, for helping her lose three stone. She trains with him three times per week to improve her strength and flexibility. “He didn’t treat me as an old woman,” she says to the Belfast Telegraph, “And slowly he changed me completely. Changes don’t happen overnight.”

Linda says she feels younger, more confident, and has even bagged herself a number of dates since starting this fitness routine.

“I now have a shape. My waist goes in and all the other bits look like they should,” she said.

“Last year my son and his family took me on holiday to Lanzarote, the first time I had ever been away on a sun break. I took seven bikinis with me and wore every one of them during the holidays. I used to walk around the pool feeling like a 17-year-old instead of a lady of 70.

“I could even see that some men were giving me long looks. I worried at first they were laughing at me. But since I have come home I have been on dates with a number of men.”

Power to you, Linda. If we’re as fit as you when we reach 72, we’ll be doing alright.

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