Hate Chafing? This €9.50 Pharmacy Staple Will Be Your Sweaty Summer Saviour

This is Team STELLAR's go-to for chub rub season.

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Bare legs, summer dresses and that oh-so-humid Irish weather – it’s a recipe for disaster.

No matter what shape your thighs are, chub rub’s always a danger once the weather gets close and clammy. If you’re prone to inner thigh chafing once the temperature rises by more than half a degree, panic not.

Before you go ditching all of your dresses and skirts in favour of jeans and leggings, grab yourself an anti-chafing powder or balm, apply, and forget your Chub Rub Anxiety.

Here are three we’re loving…

Caldesene Adult Powder, €9.50
“When you walk, your legs glide off each other instead of sticking together,” says our tester. “It soaks up any sweat when applied and it doesn’t leave any white marks.”

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Lush Silky Underwear Dusting Powder, €6.50
This powder is meant for all-over use but it works particularly well as an anti-chafing option under sports bras and skirts, thanks to the cocoa butter it’s jampacked with. “I had to reapply a few times during the day but it still worked a treat,” said our tester.

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Bodyglide For Her Balm, €7.00
This is the original and best, and while it’s not widely available in Ireland, it’s well worth ordering online. “I can’t believe how well this works. I even happened to use it on an unusually hot day, and it still held up beautifully,” says Lesley Kinzel over at xoJane.

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