Here’s What Rosanna Davison Eats Every Day

It's true: abs really are made in the kitchen and here's how Rosanna roasts hers.

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She’s our October cover star and you can catch up on how we faked Rosanna Davison’s fabulous lob now as well as find out what make-up products were put into play for her gorgeous bronzed cover girl look. Plus, in the magazine, out now for €1.95, there’s an in-depth interview with Rosanna where she talks career, girl crews, body confidence, babies and lots more.

We also asked her how she stays looking so, well, amazing. As the author of the just-released Eat Yourself Fit, €24.99, out now, (the successor to the number one-bestselling Eat Yourself Beautiful) it’s safe to say Rosanna knows a lot about food. A committed vegan, she knows the best ways to get her nutritional requirements from a plant-based diet too, being firm that we need to eat the three macronutrients every day – that’s protein, carbohydrate and fats. So, what does she chow down on? We found out.

Her morning meals

protein smoothie

“I’ll be up at 6.30am twice a week as I have a Pilates class, otherwise I’m up before 7am and when I wake up I’ll have warm water and lemon. If I’m feeling tired, I’d have a coffee before a workout, but I’d have one a day at most, and not even one every day, usually. I find I get anxiety later in the day if I have more than one – I’m trying to go to sleep thinking about everything. Before my workout, I’ll have a handful of almonds and berries, then when I come home I’ll make a protein smoothie – there are loads in the book – and that has a scoop of protein, coconut water, almond milk, spinach, berries, almond butter and cinnamon. It’s really nice.”

Midday munches


“I’m a grazer, so I eat when I’m hungry. For lunch, I make big batches of vegetable curry or soup at the beginning of the week. I’d use chickpeas and vegetables and that’ll last me a few days. I’ll have that with salad and I do a lot of homemade breads – I make a seeded bread – and I’d have a slice of that. Then I’ll snack on nuts, seeds and fruit and maybe have a smoothie or a protein shake.”

Dinner deets

chocolate and nuts

“In the evening, I’d have a veggie curry or a stir fry. I find it easy once I’m stocked up. When it comes to sweet treats, I’m good during the week but I do like dark chocolate – I’ll have a bit of Green & Blacks or the one from Aldi is good as well. If I’m craving chocolate, the SOS Chocolate Bark recipe in the book is great and it’s for those times, especially for hormonal days, when you need chocolate but you don’t want to go to the shop, or it’s too late. It’s a really simple recipe you can make in minutes, it’s melt-in-the-mouth and I make that once or twice a week. Wes loves it too!

October 2016 STELLAR magazine cover

We’ve got lots more Rosanna in the October issue of the magazine, including exclusive shots and an interview – only in STELLAR! On sale now, €1.95.