Holly Hagan Has Opened Up About Being Groped By Strangers At Night Club Appearances

“It was honestly probably one of the most scariest times of my life”

Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan has recently opened up about the dark side of reality stardom, telling of the sexual harassment and abuse she was subject to during her nightclub appearances.

Holly was just 18 when she burst onto our screens on the hit MTV show, which then launched her into a world of stardom and fame.

Finding fast fame meant that cast members would often make regular nightclub appearances across the UK and Ireland in-between filming. However Holly has now told that the events were far from the glitz and glamour that was portrayed on social media.

Speaking of the events on BBC Radio 1’s The Actuality Tea Podcast she said:

“I would go to club appearances and people would think because I’ve been this person on TV that they had the god given right to just turn around and grab my boob or try and put their hand up my skirt.”

Holly even admitted to dressing in a certain manner to avoid gaining any kind of unwanted attention.

“I used to go to the clubs in denims and lengthy tops as a result of if I wore something that was really clubby, I put myself in extra danger.

“If my boobs had been out I used to be extra in danger. If I had a skirt on I used to be extra vulnerable to somebody placing their hand up it” she continued.

The physical and verbal abuse took it’s toll on Holly’s mental health, causing her to suffer from constant panic attacks, and eventually lead her to stop going out.

“My friends have had food thrown in their faces on nights out because they’re with me, and that’s why I just stopped going out, I stopped going anywhere.”

Far from her party days now, Holly is currently engaged to footballer Jacob Blyth, and is slowly overcoming the mental health struggles she has faced in the past.


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