How Do You End An Email? You Should Never Sign Off With These 5 Phrases

What's your signature sign off? The experts say you should never use any of these...

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Email etiquette is a tricky business. Whether you’re shooting off a message to a client or a co-worker, ensuring you get the tone just so is paramount to making the right impression.

And while many of us struggle with an opener (“To whom it may concern” is a total no-no, FYI) it’s how we sign off that can pose the biggest dilemma.

Unfortunately, it’s some of the most common sign offs that experts warn us off using. Guilty of writing “thanks” or “thanks so much” at the end of your email? Experts at The Independent UK say it expresses premature gratitude.

On the flipside, using phrases like “yours sincerely” and “yours faithfully” are considered too stuffy, while “talk soon” comes across as too casual.

So how should you be ending an email? The experts agree that the most appropriate way to sign off is “best.”, explaining it’s safe and inoffensive.

So now you know.