How I Got My Job: Emma O’Farrell, Digital PR Guru and BLOGGERCONF Founder

STELLAR is delighted to be sponsoring the third BLOGGERCONF, taking place on November 12th at Dublin's Marker Hotel!

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Name: Emma O’Farrell

From: Dublin

Studied: MA in Radio & TV Production at Maynooth University

What I do: Founder of EOF Media & BLOGGERCONF

Twitter: @Emma_OFarrellTV

A keen pianist and singer, Emma O’Farrell had dreams of a life on the stage, and even studied music for five years. These days though, the only stage she’s thinking about is at Dublin’s Marker Hotel on November 12th, where she’ll launch her third BLOGGERCONF event, a major gathering of bloggers and media experts alike.

We caught up with Emma to find out how the preparations are going, and to find out what a day in her busy life is like.

You’re on track for BLOGGERCONF once again next month – congrats! Sounds like you’ve been busy…

Yes, it’s been a total whirlwind since our first event in November 2015, and the second one back in May was a huge success. It’s amazing how the support has grown.

You set up your own digital PR business in 2014. Was that always what you wanted to do?

I had a very different plan for myself initially. I studied French and Music in Maynooth for my BA as I had always been hugely into music. I played piano for years and had hopes of being a singer. But after five years of study I realised it wasn’t what I wanted to pursue, so I went back and did an MA in Radio & TV Production.

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You only left college four years ago but you have a huge amount of media experience so far. Has it been a tough road?

Studying and finishing college at the height of the recession meant I had no choice but to start off doing internships. I had to graft to get experience. I worked with 4fm, Straywave Media and Pluto Communications on various internship programmes. It was a blessing as the work really opened my eyes to the world of media, and set me off on the right path. The presenting and production experience I gained was invaluable.

What spurred you on to set up EOF Media?

Jobs were short on the ground, so I created my own. Now I work with various different clients doing all kinds of work: presenting, MCing, video production, digital PR, branding and social media consultancy. I’m currently working with Audi on a full digital campaign. Videos I’ve worked on have been shown at client events in LA and Milan. It never stops, really!

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Wow, so we’re guessing a day in your life is pretty hectic?!

It’s definitely unpredictable. I used to think that being a freelancer meant I’d have loads of time for myself but that’s rarely the case. I’m in touch with clients on a continuous basis. July and August is quiet for me but I make up for it then when it gets manic in the second half of the year! On any given day I could be out at client meetings, working from my office in Grand Canal, and attending or even hosting press events. I’ve been working with Audi for the last three weeks, presenting live with them for three hours a night. I love the variety though, it’s what keeps me going.

What essentials are sitting on your desk right now?

There’s my laptop, of course. But I’ll always note down appointments in my old-school pink diary, I find it much easier to keep track of things on paper. There’s also pens, highlighters and my Dr Lip Original Nipple Balm For Lips which I’m obsessed with. I’m trying to be good, so there’s a big bottle of water and a half-eaten Quest protein bar. Plus the usuals, my make-up bag, earphones and wallet.

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Is there one item you couldn’t live without?

My phone, for sure. I’m always on. My friends have accepted by now that I’ll always be the one with my phone on the table during dinner or on a night out. If my phone isn’t constantly buzzing I start thinking “what’s wrong?”

Do you find it hard to switch off?

Yes, it can be almost impossible sometimes, but I do my best to schedule in me-time too. Fitting in a workout is so important for my stress levels and mental health. This week i’ve been so hectic that i’ve missed a couple of gym sessions, but yesterday I just stuck the headphones in and went for a 30-minute walk instead. Getting moving works wonders.

And the most important question – what can we expect from this weekend’s BLOGGERCONF?

Our keynote speaker this year is Anne-Marie Tomchak, who’s the new UK editor of Mashable. Anne-Marie is Irish, so it’ll be great to have her speak on home turf. She was a big coup for us, I had to link in with Mashable’s US press office, so it’s fantastic that they saw the value and wanted to be a part of BLOGGERCONF. Another speaker I’m really excited about is travel blogger Johnny Ward from One Step4Ward, who has made millions from his blog while travelling the world. There’s a whole heap of other incredible speakers lined up too [including STELLAR‘s Ed, Kirstie McDermott – yippee!] and James Patrice will be returning to MC the whole thing after doing such a killer job at the last two events.


STELLAR is delighted to be sponsoring the Lifes2Good BLOGGERCONF once again. If you want to get your hands on a ticket for the one-day event, taking place on November 12th at Dublin’s Marker Hotel, you can do so here – but move fast!