How I Got My Job: Lesiele Juliet, Designer, Stylist And Creative Director

We meet Interior Designer/Stylist/Art Director/Lover of all things creative and self-confessed Jill of all trades, Lesielé Julit.


Name: Lesielé Juliet

Age: 34

Degree: Interior Design at Enmore Design College, Australia.


Insta: @lesielejulietstylist

Tell us what you do.

In this day and age, you have to wear many hats. I’m an Interior Designer, Stylist, and Art Director – so a bit of a slashie! I style anything from interiors to food, lifestyle and fashion across film, tv, music videos, advertising, editorial, weddings and events. I also create bespoke installations. I’ve also always dreamed of owning a gallery/exhibition/photographic space. Never say never…

What does a day in your shoes look like?

On a busy day when there’s an event coming up, there’s a lot of driving around, visiting potential spaces, a million cups of coffee and some intense project management.  There are so many elements to manage – costs are the most important, alongside your client, then there’s your staff, contractors and suppliers too. Something is always guaranteed to go wrong, it’s knowing how to manage it when it does and always having a trick up your sleeve!

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How do you come up with and manage your creative ideas?

I always have ideas and concepts that I’d like to work on, it’s finding the time to shoot it. I like to stay inspired by reading anything from poetry to magazines, blogs, documentaries, iconic films, exhibitions and creative workshops.

What’s your essential equipment?

My measuring tape. I’m constantly measuring walls! Actually make that all things tape; gaffer tape, double sided tape, electrical tape, scotch tape – you name it, I’ve got it in my tool kit. Oh yes and my tool kit – I couldn’t live without it, it’s my work buddy and lifeline. There have been many jobs where it’s saved the day.

What is your favourite part of what you do?

I love the diversity – one week I could be creating a bespoke paper installation for a wedding, and the next week I might be on the set of a music video playing Art Director. I would die if I had to sit in front of a computer all day.Screenshot 2016-03-08 12.18.25

What is the most difficult?

Not knowing when your next job is coming in, so it’s important to manage your cash flow. Also, trying to stay focused when you’re not busy. Another really difficult and constant obstacle is getting paid and getting paid what you’re worth. I’m always asked to justify my fees which is hugely unfair, no other profession has to deal with haggling or being asked to work for free.

What are you most proud of career-wise?

I’m fiercely proud of launching my recent Wedding DIY/Styling workshops at One Fab Day’s Glitter Studio. It was an incredible experience speaking in a series of workshops over one weekend. I have more workshops coming up in April, which I’m really looking forward to. It’ll be easier now that we’ve gotten over the initial hurdle of the first one.

Screenshot 2016-03-08 12.01.22 Is there anything on your creative bucket list?

I’d love to work on a film with Annie Atkins and Wes Anderson, I’m obsessed with his set designs. I’d also love to go to Burning Man festival for inspiration. The installations are epic and the whole experience would be life changing.

What do you think has been the reason for your success?

Oh gosh, I don’t see myself as successful, it’s a constant battle being a creative. I do think I’m fortunate in that I’ve worked on some really exciting projects and with some very talented people.

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What are your creative inspirations?

I love attending exhibitions, plays, the theatre, music concerts and festivals. I love exploring creative artists on Pinterest too, there are some incredible people doing amazing things.

What do you think are the characteristics necessary to be successful in your industry?

Determination, hard work and patience. If you build it, they will come.

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