How To Handle Wedding Season When You’re A Single Girl

No date? No worries.

Single Girl At A Wedding

Like it or lump it, wedding season is fast approaching and if you’re single that can mean a virtual minefield of uncomfortable moments and super-charged emotions.

After all, being a ‘one’ at an event that most definitely celebrates being part of a ‘two’ isn’t exactly the most, um, comfortable of experiences, is it?

But it doesn’t have to be a truly awful affair. No, forget the cliche of the miserable single sat alone in the corner or the boozy bridesmaid downing shots at the bar. Here’s how to have the best time this wedding season. No significant other needed.

Go the extra mile

Book in with a make-up artist, get a spray tan and splurge on an absolutely killer dress. Looking good and feeling comfortable will have a major effect on your confidence and if you’re going to navigate this tricky sitch you’ll need oodles and oodles of confidence. Do whatever it takes to push your confidence up a notch and knock ’em dead.

Bring a friend instead of a fella

No need to start scanning Coppers for a would-be wedding date. Sometimes the best plus ones are your best friends. Got a mate who isn’t already attending the upcoming nuptials? Ask her along. We bet you’ll have stack loads more fun with a gal pal anyway.

Or consider going solo

Yes, going it alone on a day that’s all about being loved up can seem daunting but call it character building. Bottom line though, whether you choose to go alone or bring along a friend, remember that you matter; the bride and groom put you on the list after all and they want you there to see them say ‘I do’.

Drink a little, not a lot

Drink is a social lubricant and it’ll make chatting to strangers around your table a helluva lot easier. Accept the bubbles and avail of the free bar by all means but don’t overdo it. You don’t want to be the drunk girl at the wedding.

Seek out another singleton

It’s highly unlikely that you’re the only person there without a plus one. You’ll know how to spot who else is flying solo. Scan the room when a slow dance comes on. Whoever is left behind while the couples are locking eyes on the dance floor is probably in the same boat as you. Get chatting, who knows, you could have stacks in common.

Own it

Being asked if you’re here alone? Don’t dodge those tricky questions, tackle them head on. ‘Fess up if you’ve recently split with your ex or if you’re just struggling to meet someone cos you’re focusing on your career. Everyone’s been single at some point or another and if you’re feeling uncomfortable about being there without a plus one address it instead of letting your uneasiness fester and ruin the day.

Turn it into a weekend away

Alright, so you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere for your mate’s wedding. Make the most of it. If you’re with your bestie why not make a weekend of it? On your own? Well you’ve already navigated a wedding by yourself, why not fly solo on a trip away too? You’ve got this.