‘I Don’t Really Eat After 3pm’: The Happy Pear’s David Flynn Dishes Up A Day On His Plate

He packs a LOT in between 6.30am and 3pm, though.

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With a second cookbook on the way and a constant queue out the door at their Greystones restaurant and café, identical twins David and Stephen Flynn have made quite a name for themselves on the Irish food scene.

But if you thought that their love for all things nutritious, raw, vegan and homemade was simply a strategy for business success, you’d be wrong. The Happy Pear lads certainly live as they preach, from their sunrise yoga sessions to their veggie-packed plates.

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We caught up with David, one half of Wicklow’s healthiest duo, at last weekend’s BLOGGERCONF in the Marker Hotel, and had to ask him that all important question – what’s a day on your plate like?

“We’re like termites, we have very quick metabolisms,” he said of his eat-little-and-often mantra.

“I’ll pack a lot in between 6 and 3 and I don’t really eat that much in the evenings.”

Here’s exactly what David cooks up on the daily:

6.30am: “I start off by having a smoothie with the kids. We have walnuts, goji berries, spirulina, cacao and bee pollen in there, blended up with bananas and coconut water. I drink a couple of glasses of that.”

9am: “I make up a quick bowl of porridge with some homemade granola.”

Fancy porridge for the little dudes! Going all out today with energy balls and Newtella in our porridge – here’s to a good day

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11am: “A couple of pieces of fruit keep me ticking over until lunchtime.”

1pm: “It’s handy having the café, because I can just grab my lunch on site. I’ll usually go for a big plate of salad or a main course from that day’s menu. I tend to eat my dinner at lunchtime, and so does Steve.”

Lovely bowl of blackbean chilli with avo and wild garlic sourdough in sunshine – what a great day

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3pm: “I have another snack and then I’m done for the day really.”

My guilty pleasures: “We’ve been at this a long time, so we don’t really have cheat meals as such. We might have some cake or a couple of raw energy bars from time to time, but it’s all generally good.”

The World Of The Happy Pear hits Irish bookshelves on June 2, 2016 and can be pre-ordered online here.


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