‘I Really Care, Don’t U?’ Jackets Are Being Sold To Raise Money For Immigrant Children In The US

This is in response to the First Lady's Zara slogan jacket

The world was collectively shocked and confused this week when FLOTUS Melania Trump wore a Zara jacket sporting a seemingly ignorant and distasteful message.

Mrs. Trump was photographed wearing the jacket with the slogan ‘I Really Don’t Care, Do U?’ printed on the back as she boarded a plane to Texas to meet with officials regarding the detention of immigrant children being separated from their parents at the US border.

President Trump later tweeted saying that his wife’s jacket was in response to the ‘Fake news media’ in the country, and not a message about the immigrant crisis… But all things considered, it was poor timing at the very least.

Times like these, when you think there’s nothing you can do to counteract the actions of the powerful figures in the world, a glimmer of hope always comes from somewhere!

Online clothing store Wild Fang, who describe themselves as ‘Female founded clothing store who believes equal rights are for everyone. Giving back EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.’ have made available their own versions of the jacket in question, but with the slogan saying ‘I Really Care. Do U?’

The jackets and t shirts are available online here and have already sold out twice. With 100% of proceeds going to the Immigrant charity RAICES, it’s one of our favorite causes of the year!


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