If You Want Perkier Boobs, This Is The One Move You Should Be Doing At The Gym

It's all about those pectoral muscles, people.


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Many women have body parts that they consider a “problem” area – be it their stomach, their upper arms or their legs.

But if your boobs are what are bringing you down (literally), you may want to consider adding one key move to your workout routine… the medicine ball push-up.

According to personal trainer Kendall Wood, this variation on the standard press-up works the pectoral muscles to their peak, strengthening them and tightening the chest area. The result? Perkier boobs, without resorting to €50 worth of uncomfortable plunge bra.

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Simply place one hand on a small medicine ball – you can use two stacked weight plates or another elevated surface if you don’t have a ball – and the other on the ground. Then perform a push-up as you would normally, be it on your knees or your toes.

“The depth of each rep when you perform a push-up with a medicine ball forces your pectoral muscles to really stretch and subsequently target more of the muscle than a typical push-up,” Kendall tells PopSugar Fitness.

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As medicine ball push-ups remove some of the stability of a standard push-up, they’re harder on the body. That means you’ll build more muscle with each rep, but you’ll also have to exercise caution and “maintain a slow, steady pace,” according to Kendall.

Even if perkier boobs aren’t on your agenda, this move is a great way to build upper arm strength, and slots right into any plank and push-up routine. Definitely one to add to your rotation.