Introducing Freekeh: The High Protein Grain That’s Perfect Pre- And Post-Workout

Sharing a botanical bloodline with quinoa and spelt, we just know we're going to be besties with this super-powered grain.


One lunchtime last week our beady STELLAR eyes locked in a loving gaze with a bowl of salad, ahem carbs, in kooky Capel St. cafe, Brother Hubbard. We’d already mentally devoured the scrumptious looking side before our order went through and it wasn’t until we paid the bill that we discovered its name: freekeh. In. Love.

“We first encountered it a few years ago while touring the Middle East,” says Brother Hubbard founder and co-owner Garrett Fitzgerald. “We adored it’s slightly chewy texture and it’s wonderfully nutty, smokey flavour.” And so do we. The high fibre, high protein content of the cereal (which contains gluten bbz) means that it’s perfect pre- and post-spin, circuits and conditioning.

Garrett advises to cook it as you would rice. “Simmer a pot with twice the amount of water as the grain, add a pinch of salt, and check after 20 minutes – it tastes best al dente. Drain well, drizzle with olive oil, toss it to stop the grains from sticking and allow it to cool if using it as a salad base.”

Yummy veg accompaniments include tomato, red onion and olives, but we say throw the kitchen sink at it, it’s a hardy starch, so anything goes, nuts, seeds – you name it. When you serve it up, wait for the gasps – it’s incredibly photogenic.

Freekeh is widely available in Middle Eastern speciality food shops. Go on, get yo freekeh on…

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