Awks! Here’s How To Cope When You Forget Someone’s Name In Public

We've all been there... #Cringe.

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STELLAR Mag’s Deputy Editor, Jeanne Sutton, shares her top tip for navigating the oh-so-cringe occasion of forgetting someone’s name…

If this person is someone you’ve only added on LinkedIn as opposed to Insta/Facebook/WhatsApp, just admit, “Hey, I’m crap at names and forget yours. I’m so embarrassed.”

If this is someone you’ve hung out with in smoking areas and who dated your friend for two years, well. You’ve gotta sail through this speedily and head to the nearest bathroom and promise to catch them later. As you sit on the loo, rack that brain and do an intense social media search.

Alternatively, if you run into this person with a friend who doesn’t know them, drop a code word to make them introduce themselves, thus saving humanity. Make the code word something like, “Have you tried the pizza in Boco yet? We were there earlier and it was great.”

Problem = solved.

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