Khloé Kardashian Has One Foolproof ‘Revenge Body’ Dieting Tip And It’s Pretty Damn Simple

She's been talking body transformations since the launch of her new show, 'Revenge Body.'

Photo by: Nicole Weingart/E! Entertainment

Photo by: Nicole Weingart/E! Entertainment

When it comes to body overhauls, Khloé Kardashian’s image transformation is up there with the best of ’em. The Keeping Up With The Kardasians star dropped over 40lbs after splitting from her husband Lamar Odom, and is now sharing some of her motivation and diet tricks with others through her new show, Revenge Body.

The show really resembles my own journey,” the 32-year-old explains. “I started really transforming into a healthier lifestyle through my divorce and through something that was really difficult for me. Where typically I would resort to  overeating and overdrinking, I decided to change my ways and go to the gym and find therapy through the gym, and mental clarity, which was great.”

Revenge Body has had some criticism for potentially pushing out a negative body image message but Khloé says the aim of the show is more about participants finding inner strength than simply losing weight.Revenge Body is not just about a body, it’s about being strong mentally, and this show is mind, body and soul,” she says of the new series, which kicked off in early January.

Photo by: Nicole Weingart/E! Entertainment

Photo by: Nicole Weingart/E! Entertainment

While we’d never suggest weight loss be promoted as a revenge tool, Khloé insists her show isn’t just about getting the upper hand on someone else, and after seeing the first few episodes we’re inclined to agree. “It’s not superficial,” she says.

“I have people that have gone through seeing their father drowned in front of them. I do have people that were bullied in high school or that are going through divorces. It’s about conquering [and] finding their nemesis, which could be just closure… [It’s] me showing them the tools on how to deal with things in a healthier way.”

In terms of her own health and dieting progress, Khloé’s accelerated weight loss after cutting out dairy (“I lost 11lbs in less than two weeks,” she recalls) has been much publicised, but her favourite weight loss tip is much simpler: keep hydrated.

“It sounds silly, but I drink three to four litres of water, minimum, a day,” she says. “[M]y nutritionist says water wins every time, and I believe that. [I]t keeps you young; hair, skin, everything is great.”

Photo by: Nicole Weingart/E! Entertainment

Photo by: Nicole Weingart/E! Entertainment

Finding the motivation to hit the gym on the daily is tough, but Khloé admits that – as with most aspects of her life – she finds support in her family. “Working out with my sisters is honestly the best thing! I think it’s great to have a support system,” she says of her regular gym sessions with her older sisters Kim and Kourtney, who’ve both had body transformations of their own over the last year.

Khloé admits she takes her workouts “seriously” and “likes to be drenched,” but she was surprised at how quickly her sisters took to their gruelling workout regimes. “I never in a million years thought Kourtney would be bad ass in the gym. She’s tiny and petite, I would just think she would kind of be a little, weak little thing,” she admits

The sisters regularly use one another as motivation, and even enjoy some healthy competition. “[W]e’re having an ab off. That’s what we’re doing now,” she jokes. “Kourtney loves to show me pictures of her abs and I’m like ‘Girl!’, because she’s had three kids and she looks so amazing.”

New episodes of Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian are available to stream & download Fridays on hayu, and air Sundays at 10pm on E!


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