Lean?! One Of Joe Wicks’ Meals Apparently Contains A Whopping 1,100 Calories!

It still tastes bloody delicious, of course.

Joe Wicks

Last year Joe Wicks revolutionised the fitness industry when he gained notoriety on social media for his 15-minute healthy meals and HIIT workouts.

His first Lean In 15 cookbook was a sell out success, claiming to help its readers shift fat and build muscle with an easy and sustainable plan.

Since then he’s released two more cookbooks and a fitness DVD and even starred in his own television show.

Joe Wicks Book 2

Despite his trailblazing success though, Joe’s recipes have recently come under scrutiny.

Slamming the content of his meals, Matt Cooper, a nutrition coach from Bristol, has published an infographic of the nutritional breakdown of one of his recipes on Facebook.

According to Cooper, one of Joe’s most popular dishes (and one of our faves, too) Cheesy Chicken and Chorizo contains 1,120 calories, 102g of protein, 7g of carbs and 76g of fat.

For comparison, Cooper says a KFC Rice box only has 500 calories, 27g of protein, 61g of carbs and 14g of fat.


Joe has since rubbished the claims however.

“One guy was comparing one of my Lean In 15 recipes to a KFC meal, saying they were just as bad as each other,” he told Men’s Health. “Whatever you think about me that’s unfair, I’m encouraging people to eat unprocessed food, drink water, learn to cook for themselves.”

The lesson? If you teckon that ‘healthy’ meal isn’t all it’s cracked up to be do the maths yourself, pop it into a fitness tracker and cut back on your portion sizes.


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