Life Hacks: 6 Ways To Make Your Office Desk A Happy Space

Warning: you may want to hang out there after hours.

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So we’ve have all seen those office desks: the ones where everyone works in a blank cubical, staring at a computer by their lonesome, day in and day out. Sigh. We get that the struggle is real, working nine-to-five can take a toll on your well-being and your happiness levels can take a hit. Don’t fret, check out these tips on how to turn your desk into your happy space.

1. Keep it organised

As the old saying goes, “a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind.” One of the best ways you can decrease stress at work is to have a clean workspace. Start small. Throw out anything you don’t need, organise papers and rearrange drawers. Put your most used items where they are easily accessible, so that you might increase the convenience factor of your space.

You don’t have to stop there, either. Creating a to-do list can help you gather your thoughts. This way, you don’t forget tasks that are important, and you don’t have to rely on your overloaded mind or inbox to remember the little things.

2. Inject some nature

Living plants, fresh orchids, a unique stone or seashell, or even an aquarium filled with colourful fish will add a touch of nature and bring the freshness of outside indoors. Aah.

3. Personal photos

All of us have at least one photo that makes us smile and you should not underestimate the impact it could have on your attitude at work. Unfortunately, staring at you and your BFF posing won’t give you inspo to get a head start on that excel spreadsheet, but it will relax you and allow you to be more creative. You do not need to turn your desk into an art project but a few photos scattered across your table will help to keep you positive during the day and especially on Monday morning.

4. Buy a stress ball

Stress balls can make a big difference to how we deal with the pressures of everyday work. While you should not rely on them to make a massive difference to your attitude, they can be a great asset when it comes to dealing with stressful situations. They don’t cost much either. So, if you find out they don’t work for you, not much is lost.

5. Nourish

Create a healthy snack bar in your office and stock it with some of your fave items to eat, including mixed nuts, protein bars and fresh fruit. Drink your coffee from a special mug, tea from a china cup, and water from a decorative water bottle. Keep your fave music on hand to elevate your mood or help you concentrate too.

6. Keep yourself motivated

Affirmations have been around since time began and there is no secret ritual to use them. This tool, if used correctly, can ampify your happy buzz while slogging away at the office. As you get into the office, say your affirmations out loud or in your head a couple of times. Relax your body, let go of any tension while doing your affirmations and repeat the process several times during the day. Not your thing? Keep an inspirational quote or poster within your view to keep those happy vibes flowing.

By Jennifer Conway.


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